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小城之魅 |第一集 |頌果吧 | “Edible City” EP1 - Salada

頌果吧 位於人口以老街坊為主的雀仔園社區,相比起沙律,傳統的老街坊可能更偏好來一碗生滾粥,對於沙律會有點「干冰冰」的第一觀覺。在本集的「小城之魅」中,我們將會為你透析,「頌果吧」如何致力以食物帶給城市人更多健康的資訊,把健康的生活態度帶到雀仔園社區。

Salada is situated right in the middle of Bairro Horta da Mitra, where traditional Cantonese palate dictates and where the concept of salad could be intimidating. In this episode, we will show you how Bless Salada manages to ingratiate itself with the traditional neighborhood and introduce the lifestyle of healthy eating in a delicious way.


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