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小城之魅|第二十三集|馬鴻記餅家|Edible City|Ep 23|MA HONG KEI PASTELARIA


A time-honoured family bakery that advances with time by embracing automated production


MA HONG KEI started from "light shortcake, walnut pastry, abalone pastry and egg cakes", etc, Following the trend and customers' preferences, he developed cakes such as spicy fish buns, Hong Kong-style egg tarts and curry puffs. The sign representing MA HONG KEI is loved by the local community. It represents many’s childhood memories, as well as the reminiscence of the good old days of Macau.

隨著時代變遷,老闆敏銳地察覺到麵包批發的市場,敢於開拓一條新道路,不斷的投資與創新,發展到現時自動化生產線 的格局,為澳門寥寥可數專注工業化生產的烘焙公司。為本澳超過四百間餐飲店供貨,同時亦在近年重新擴大零售部門,為懷舊產品注入新元素,這一切,都是經過三代人建立而成的心血。

Time flies, Mr.Ma is keenly aware of the bread wholesale market and dares to open up a new path, He has been expanding continuously with investment and innovation, including their own automated production lines, one of the few bakery companies in Macau that focuses on industrial production. Supplying over 400 food and beverage outlets in Macau. At the same time, it has re-expanded the retail department in recent years, injecting new elements into nostalgic products. These are the hard work of three generations of Ma.

龍嵩街 總店


預訂電話:+853 2897 3002

營業時間: 星期一至六 早上08:00 - 下午 20:00

星期日 早上09:00 - 下午20:00

筷子基 店


預訂電話:+853 2823 6639

營業時間: 星期一至五 早上07:00 - 下午19:30

星期六至日 早上07:00 - 下午19:00

三盞燈 店


預訂電話:+853 6881 1667

營業時間:星期一至日 早上8:00 - 下午8:30


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