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小城之魅 |第五集 |風雅廚 ”Edible City” EP5 Voyages by Alain Ducasse

現代法國菜之美 |簡約自然


「風雅廚」做的威靈頓牛柳,在澳門當可謂別樹一格,暫時無人匹敵。 在這道招牌菜背後,今集小城之魅將會與餐廳主廚 Safa Rodas,甜品主廚 Nicolas Dolbeau 和經理 Justin Tai 訪談。為大家展示「風雅廚」如何把餐廳靈魂人物- 杜卡斯先生的現代法國菜(Haute Cuisine)美學,靈活地融入到小城澳門,帶給客人極致的用餐體驗。

The beauty of Haute Cuisine Simple Nature

”The french foie gras and the wagyu tenderloin are tightly wrapped inside a layer of golden puff pastry. You can make a clean slice of the cross-section without ruining the integrity of the wrap so that in one serving you can sample the tenderness of the wagyu, the crunch of the pastry, and the buttery mouthfeel of the foie."

The Beef Wellington at Voyages is simply the best in Macau at the moment. In this episode of Edible City, we will meet the chef behind this signature dish, Executive Chef, Safa Rodas. We will also chat with Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Dolbeau and Assistant General Manager Justin Tai. We will explore how Voyages brings the vision of French haute cuisine icon Chef Alain Ducasse to life and makes it memorable yet accessible for customers in Macau.


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