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小城之魅 |第十一集 |虎咬堂 ”Edible City” EP11 TigerBite

由法式油封鴨腿包說起的故事 A story of Duck Confit

虎咬堂店長 Jet 喜歡周遊列國,加上有英國留學和擔任髮型師的經驗,所以回澳後,他以老婆最喜歡的油封鴨腿為靈感,打造了「虎咬鴨」包,從食材、做法和創意入手,在澳門打造了美味又受歡迎的 虎咬系列手工漢堡。

除了「虎咬鴨」外,「虎咬豬」首先這個包是不做外賣的,因為乳豬皮一定要即食才香脆。 虎咬豬 以手工醃8小時的葡式乳搭配印度芒果醬同樣令人回味無窮。由於這包是不少客人的心頭好。店長 Jet 分享即使豬肉來貨價,因疫情升高了近一倍, 虎咬堂 也堅持沒有加價,卻令人回味無窮。


In this episode of Edible City, we interivew chef owner of @tigerbitemacau , Jet Fong, on how he create TigerBite’s signature burgers with the inspiration of his journey in Europe and his wife’s favourite dish, French Duck Confit.

Besides the aforementioned duck confit burger creation, the “Suckling Pig Bun” is another signature of Tigerbite, the burger is made up of crispy and juicy suckling pig (marianted for 8 hours) and hand-made mango sauce between a brioche bun. Served à la minute. Owner Jet didn’t increase the price of this bun even the cost of pork meat is ridiculously high because he knows what this burger means to the customers and Tigerbite.

Explore the story of TigerBite by watching the full episode here!

📍 氹仔客商家2號地下 / 澳門清平街6號地舖

☎️ 2853 3079

⏰ 11:00-21:00


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