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小城之魅|第十九集|廟前冰室 “Edible City” EP19|Hope & Sesame

把粵菜美食以雞尾酒作媒介傳揚國際 Make a name for Cantonese cuisine in worldwide by Cocktails 廟前冰室 作為廣州第一間 Speakeasy bar,其創始人Andrew 早前來到澳門麗斯卡爾頓酒廊,我們把握了難得的機會,和他訪談,並分享他如何把粵菜美食和新派雞尾酒融會貫通,以及取得亞洲五十大酒吧榜單第十五名過程中的趣事和心得。 廟前冰室,似乎已經將「情懷」和「創新」寫入了DNA。雞尾酒的基酒與不同配料融合會帶來完全不同的口感及口味體驗,廟前冰室便是利用了這一特點,創立了創新雞尾酒的實驗室。當義大利黑醋融入雞尾酒形成了類似豬腳薑的口味;當一杯雞尾酒可以集合酸、甜、苦、澀及香辛味,廟前冰室帶給我們的已經不僅僅是一杯雞尾酒,而是可持續發展的無限可能。

As the first Speakeasy bar in Guangzhou, its founder Andrew came to Macau’s Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge, and brought the sparkle of Cantonese cooking inspiration meeting cocktails. As the 15th of Asia's 50 Best Bars, “culture” and “creative" are the key words of it. Different bases and ingredients can come out in varied textures and tastes. Hope & Sesame established a lab of cocktail to develop its own mixtures. For example, Balsamic vinegar aroma in a cocktail can be presented similar to traditional Cantonese dish「sour pig’s knuckles」. A cocktail can also be a combination of sour, sweet, bitter, acerbity and even finish with spicy notes. What Hope & Sesame brings is definitely not only a glass of cocktail, but a sustainable concept of the industry with infinite possibilities.


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