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小城之魅 |第十集 |勵皇軒 ”Edible City” EP10 The Grand Palace

城之魅 |第十集 |勵皇軒 ”Edible City” EP10 The Grand Palace


Exhibit the authenticity of Chinese cuisine

勵宮酒店勵皇軒除了單點菜單外,還有近年流行的「廚師發辦」選項,做中菜的「廚師發板」比起日式更有難度,因為中菜有較多元化的做法包括蒸、炒、煮和燉等,主廚 Johnny 認為中式餐飲不只是傳統以「一大碟」的形式呈現,大家需要構思如何有新的方法令更多人了解中餐。以勵皇軒的招牌菜「富貴雞」為例,以焗「梳乎厘」的方式為靈感,廚師把蛋白包裹着內有火腿粒、蝦仁和蓮子的雞腿肉,一切開,酒香噴發四射,富美感又美味,一起來看更多:

Beside a la carte, The Grand Palace also offers a seasonal ingredient-driven tasting menu. Compared with the “omakase” in Japanese style, a Chinese tasting menu is more challenging because of the cuisine’s complexed cooking technique including steaming, frying, boiling or braising etc. Chef Johnny believes that Chinese cooking shouldn’t be confined as a “one big plate” cuisine, we need to think of some new approaches to let more people to know about Chinese cuisine. Take the Roasted Chicken with Chinese Wine Flambe as an example, chef revisited the traditional recipe with the inspiration from the french Soufflé dessert. The dish is served with incredible aroma during the cutting process, full of flavours and aesthetic as well. See more in this episode of Edible City:

📍 勵宮酒店2樓 

⏰ 11:00AM-3:00PM|6:00PM-11:00PM (逢週一休息) 

☎️ (853) 8801 8008

💸 MPAY 付款全單75折 (至10月底)


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