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小城之魅 |第四集 |廣興號 ”Edible City” EP4 | Kuong Heng Hou

海味傳承 |後魚翅時代


但隨藉近年環保意識提升,魚翅在餐桌上頓時慢慢變成一門禁忌。這樣的改變對「魚翅勝」來講,一開始是難以消化的。然而他很快便調整心態,決定以環保開放思維,把海味傳承下去。 聖哥把注意力集中在研究鮑魚、花膠和海參等食材中後,更發現自己眼界更開闊了。從而更領悟到,事實上每一道營養豐富的海味菜式,從選材、浸發到烹調都是一環扣一環,需時間浸淫才領悟到的學問 務求讓更多人了解到海味行業的工藝,聖哥決定由征服饕客味蕾為切入點,於四年前在關前後街開設「廣興號美食」,把海味佳餚和大家分享,當中更不乏一些水準甚高的懷舊粵菜等。聖哥更周不時會落場給客人「上課」,分享海味小知識或保健心得。 就讓第四集的「小城之魅 - 本土澳門」帶你走進海味飲食世家「廣興號」。

The legacy of ”Dried Seafood” | Post Shark Fin era “Because of the influence of family business, I started working with shark fin at the age of 7. Everybody call me 'Shark Fin Sing.' Needless to say, shark fin had always been our specialty at Gwong Heng Ho," said Mr. Sing. However, as awareness for sustainability became more widely spread in recent years, the consumption of shark fin has become somewhat of a taboo. This has undoubtedly made a huge impact on the livelihood of Shark Fin Sing. But he decided to adapt and embrace the change, so that he can preserve the culture of dried seafood in a sustainable way. In the past few years, Mr. Sing has dedicated himself to the R&D of other dried seafood ingredients such as abalone, fish maw, and sea cucumbers. He has come to appreciate the importance of every stage of the dried food industry, including sourcing, soaking, and cooking. As such, Mr. Sing decided to open Kuong Heng Ho Gourmet 4 years ago, bringing the best dried seafood from sea to table. By utilizing house-preserved products in expertly executed Cantonese classic dishes, Mr. Sing is not only serving delicious cuisine made with dried seafood, but he's also passing on the knowledge and culture of its craftsmanship to his guests. And so, in this 4th episode of #EdibleCity - #MacauLocal let's explore the legendary dried seafood artisan Kuong Heng Hou.


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