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小城之魅 |第三集 |鄭綺雯廚師 “Edible City” EP3 Chef Maggie Chiang

由建立烹飪教室 Mag Kitchen ,到遊歷意大利和法國深造廚藝,再開設自己的意法餐廳 Maquette,並獲得澳門青年企業家大獎,之後卻毅然結束餐廳並開設瑪奇 ,希望用另一個方法去維繫人和食物的關係。本集 Maggie 會以四道菜式去表述自己入行十年以來的心路歷程,更會為大家劇透她籌備了三年,即將推出的的新項目。 In the past 10 years, Maggie has dedicated herself to connecting with people through food, be it through her cooking class Mag Kitchen, her travels and work experience across Italy and France, or her own French-Italian restaurant Maquette. In this episode, the Macau Youth Entrepreneur Award winner and the proud owner of Maqi, will tell the stories of her decade-long culinary journey with 4 distinct dishes. She will also give a sneak preview to an exciting new project she has been working on in the past 3 years.


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